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Transform Your Mind to Gain the Results (and Respect) You Deserve

To have meaningful relationships, we must build strong connections with others (stakeholders, employees, coworkers, leadership teams, vendors, clients, partners, friends, loved ones, etc.). One of the best reminders in your philanthropic toolbox can be found early in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s, Hamilton. In short, Aaron Burr says to Alexander Hamilton: "Talk less, smile more." Can you relate? Today's competitive business requires leaders to master the art of active listening. At ZB MidARK, we encourage our employees to embrace new mindsets as they work to deliver innovative medical solutions to our clients . If being open to learning how to truly listen, and absorb information, benefits professionals, what strategies can help?

Two Varieties of Deep Listening

Richard Newman, author of Lift Your Impact, believes deep listening comes in two varieties: active and empathetic. He describes active listening as something that builds rapport (adjusting your word choice and body language to match the other person). On the other hand, empathetic listening is when you can see a situation through someone else’s eyes and attempt to better understand what it might be like to be them.

Newman shares in his publication that archetypes are universal patterns of behavior we can all leverage to harness potential. He explains that we can learn and grow professionally by embodying multiple archetypes. Newman explains that all archetypes exist in everyone (though some may feel more unfamiliar than others). He suggests embracing all six archetypes to improve listening skills, build powerful networks, and make better decisions when it comes to tackling difficult challenges.

The Lift Method: 6 Archetypes

Shield: This archetype defends people and principles.

Showtime: This archetype provides inspiration, motivation and momentum.

Sprite: This archetype defuses tension and builds friendships.

Servant: This archetype supports and uplifts others.

Sage: This archetype facilitates deep discussions.

Sovereign: This archetype delegates tasks and leads decision-making.

We all manage conflict in our weekly routine, but we can better equip ourselves for success if we manage contentious situations with grace. One way to do that is to "lift yourself" first (i.e., get in the right mindset beforehand). Suggestions for preparing mentally include breathing deeply and focusing on how you want your message to land on others. Experience has taught me that most objections can be overcome when you focus on win-win paths forward. My goal is to develop ongoing mutually beneficial relationships to continue to be a servant-leader to others. In our body of work, listening is a skill that we don't take lightly as we work daily to improve patient outcomes.

➡️ TOP TAKEAWAY: Remove challenges that hold you back from success and build the future you truly desire through active listening and the adoption of archetypes to help tackle difficult decisions.


Operating in Arkansas, Tennessee and Missouri, ZB MidARK is a leading-edge healthcare company that specializes in medical device support and sales. From trauma, biologics, joint reconstruction, limb salvage, and more, ZB MidARK proudly represents the Zimmer Biomet line.


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