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Leadership from any Chair

Would you agree leading has nothing to do with titles? Just because someone has a C-level title doesn’t automatically make them a “leader” - a boss perhaps but not always a leader.

At our organization, ZB MidARK, we believe you don’t have to have an executive title to make an impact. Our employees are valued and know they can take steps to LEAD anytime - anywhere.

​​Some examples include:

  • Sharing ideas that might help the company grow

  • Leading by demonstration

  • Extending knowledge to help others learn

  • Being accountable and acting with integrity

  • Offering to mentor new hires or someone eager to learn

  • Communicating with authenticity

  • Encouraging others with positive actions

What other examples of "leadership from any chair" as author Benjamin Zander describes in his book, The Art of Possibilities, would you add to this list?


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