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An Effective Way to Provide Feedback

Have you heard of the Culture Code from author, Daniel Coyle?

In his publication, he shares "secrets" of highly successful groups and provides leaders with tools to help them build a cohesive and motivated culture.

With regard to the "feedback sandwich" (the idea of communicating areas of concern by leading with a positive, sharing the "constructive" comment, then closing with a positive statement), I prefer Coyle's suggestion which invites leaders to leverage a sentence that often makes feedback even more effective.


"I'm giving you these comments because I have very high expectations and I know that you can reach them."

This sentence is effective because it signals three key things to the employee including (1) you are part of this group; and this group is special and (3) we have higher standards and I believe you can reach those standards.

No manipulation, just clear and direct feedback - delivered inside a message of connection, belonging, and trust.

Do you agree that while it may not always be easy to share all feedback, most appreciate the knowledge and when presented with a heart of service, they respect the person who provides it?


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